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Emmanuel Adebayor still seems to be happy at Tottenham

Despite not having got to play that many games in the recent times, Emmanuel Adebayor still seems to be happy at Tottenham and he wishes to pursue his career there for another year.

But, the stories suggest the Spurs are on a look out for a buyer for him and he might be on his way out.

Adebayor performed well playing for his country Togo versus Liberia the previous weekend scoring a match winning goal and contributing to a 2-1 win.

But, that would probably not change his situation as far as the White Hart Lane is concerned.

There were a few interests for Adebayor during the mid season transfer window, but, the Tottenham owner Mr. Levy had opted not to sell him at that point of time for the reason best known to him.

But, as per the sources, the 31-year old forward is now definitely going to be on sale this summer.

However, talking to a television presenter, Adebayor dropped strong hints that he was staying in the Spurs’ camp.
The veteran was quoted as saying, “I am quite passionate about playing for Tottenham and I want to deliver the coming season.”

Adebayor has had problems in his personal life as well lately.

In the fag-end of the Premier League the previous season, he had shocked everyone by saying he had considered ending his life on occasions in the past.

Immediately, after that, Tottenham granted him the leave citing his mental instability.

The Togolese remained out in the last few games of the 2014-15 Season.

Thereafter, he did not accompany the Spurs squad on the pre season overseas visits either.
But, post the Togo-Liberia game, he insisted that he was ‘fresh’ and was raring to go again.
Adebayor has scored 41 goals in Tottenham shirt till date.