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Fans disrupted CSKA Moscow’s match against Zenit Petersburg

CSKA Moscow and Zenit Petersburg are 2 of the clubs that have a real chance of winning the Russian Premier League of this current season, both of them have gathered 39 points from their 20 opening league matches.

This shows just how competitive each club and the Russian Premier League is as there are many clubs with a realistic chance of emerging as the champions of Russia.

With less than 11 matches remaining in the league, things are getting fairly intense and fans are feeling it as there was an incident which occurred on March 4 when CSKA Moscow faced off with Zenit Petersburg in a league match that concluded with a goal-less draw but the result was not what shined, the thing that managed to reach the headlines of websites were the fans.

Fans from both clubs clashed in the stands as the match was going on. The game was played at the CSKA Arena and in this stadium there is a tall metal fence which splits the home fans from the away but some supporters started to jump around and cause havoc upon the other section and this is when the trouble began.

Russia has traditionally have had an issue involving hooligans and fans causing problems in football matches and this is something that has concerned people as the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by Russia and if this problem continues to emerge, it could lead to bigger issues which can even put in danger the lives of people and players themselves.

The president of FIFA Gianni Infantino did recently say that he is not concerned about this problem as there are plans believed to be taking place in order to avoid seeing hooligans and this kind of issue emerging in the near future.