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Leonid Slutsky asks People to Visit Spurs for Support

Leonid Slutsky reckons people can come to the Russian capital and can show their support to the Spurs. It would not lead to a violent situation.

But, Tottenham fears for its supporters and does not want them to be on the receiving end of the brutality of the Football fanatics in Russia who are disreputed for their craziness.

Tottenham has therefore advised its supporters through a statement that they must be in a bunch and not on their own if they have to roam around in the night time.

Also, they must not carry anything which gives an impression that they are from London and are supporting Tottenham.

They have also been forbidden from singing club’s official song and showing any message of support to the team while they are out.

It’s been told to them that they can do those things from the stands because there would be enough security inside the stadium, but, once they leave the stadium, they must not do anything which annoys the supporters of the home side.

Tottenham has suggested the names of some certain places the supporters can go and enjoy, but, they must be careful all the time from the notorious elements that can cause them serious harms.

However, as per Slutsky, the visiting supporters don’t have to be reserved and they can back their team with all the freedom and without being concerned about their well-being.

In Slutsky’s words, “The City is going to welcome each and every Englishman with open arms and I can say with a lot of surety that wherever they go in the city, whether to CSKA Arena or to any other place, they would not find any kind of discomfort anywhere. There is nothing to be afraid of, nothing at all.”