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Tosic on Golovin

Former CSKA player Zoran Tosic believes that AleksandrGolovin would make the right move by signing to Arsenal.

Indeed the midfielder has been rumored to be close to a signing with the London club, and Tosic believes that this will be a right move for the player.

The CSKA president has denied the interest and said that he is not willing to sell his best player. Indeed the player managed 30 appearances with the club last season and was one of the best performers on the side.

However, Zoran Tosic thinks that this will be a great opportunity for AleksandrGolovin as this will allow him to play in the best league in the world. He said that this would be an opportunity for the player to play against the best players in the world and improve himself.

Zoran Tosic stated that this is one in a lifetime opportunity and that AleksandrGolovin should seize this opportunity with both hands. He said that CSKA is a great team, but it is very different to the atmosphere that you will find in the big European clubs. He stated that you would be playing every week against the best team in the world and this will allow you to become better.

CSKA president said that he is not interested in selling AleksandrGolovin as he feels that this will weaken the team. He stated that CSKA does not need the money and that they are looking to build a successful club.

He stated that you do not become a big club by selling your best players and he thinks that AleksandrGolovin is one of the best players of the club at the moment. He said that they are looking forward to the new season and for him to be part of their team.

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